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THE PYRENÉES – Get ready for better value skiing …


It would be easy to conclude that the Pyrénées are simply a poor man’s ‘Alps’ when it comes to skiing, but that’s really only half the story. Yes, there’s less skiing in total here and overall it’s probably not as challenging. And yes, the Pyrénées lacks the glamour and full-on buzziness of the Alpine skiing scene. However it does offer things that the Alps lack, important things, which make Les Angles and Font Romeu very viable alternatives to the likes of Mergève, Chamonix and Verbier.

Firstly, and perhaps most importantly, is that the Pyrénées offer a more authentic holiday experience. In the Pyrénées, you may never hear a word of English spoken, have to make do with delicious rustic Catalan cuisine and get to know the locals over a couple of bottles of Côtes de Roussillon red. In short, the Languedoc Pyrénées offer a far more French and Catalan holiday experience, in terms of the food, the people and the architecture.

The Pyrénées is cheaper – not just in terms of ski passes (which cost about 25% less than the Alps), but also the accommodation, food, drink, spas and practically everything else. Which means you can afford to treat yourself a little more here – to better restaurants, perhaps a spa treatment or a larger chalet.

If you enjoy skiing then you really should consider a holiday home in the Pyrenees.